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A letter for Daddy

By Elaine Gallagher    For third or fourth grade of primary STORY : “A Letter for Daddy” General Topic:  “Community Workers” ART: Ideas follow the story. […]

A letter for DaddyBy Elaine Gallagher   

For third or fourth grade of primary

STORY : “A Letter for Daddy

General Topic:  “Community Workers”

ART: Ideas follow the story.

EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE: Topics follow the story.

Vocabulary for fluency: bus, taxi, fire truck, carpenter, waiter, teacher, post office, Wednesday, shop, mail carrier, police car, workers, vehicles, buildings.

 A Letter for Daddy

         Daddy is a mail carrier. He gets big bags of mail from the post office where he works.  He delivers mail to the big buildings down town in the city.        Daddy brings mail to my teacher, to the waiter that works in the restaurant, and to the carpenter that made a new door for our house.  Everyone knows my Daddy because he is the mail  carrier for our neighborhood.

         Everyone knows my father.  The men and women who work on the fire truck know my Daddy. Many workers know my daddy.  He is famous because everyone needs him to deliver their mail.

         When a police car drives by, the vehicle slows down and the policeman asks me, “How is your father? He is my mail carrier.  I see him almost every day when I get my mail from my mailbox.”

         One Wednesday I decided that I would write a letter to my Daddy. He did not get much mail.  “I only receive bills to pay, “ said my Daddy, smiling. 

         I am going to write my Daddy a letter and mail it to him. Then he will have a nice piece of mail, not a bill that needs to be paid.

         I wrote to my Daddy. I wrote that I loved him, and that he was the best Daddy in the world. Then I put the letter inside the envelope. My Mother helped me to address the envelope. We put a stamp on it and placed it in a mailbox to be mailed.

A letter         On Friday, my father came home and he was smiling. “Guess what?” he asked.  “What?” asked my Mother. “I received a letter today. It was from the nicest little girl in the world”, said Daddy.

         He smiled and he hugged me. “I love you, too,” said my Daddy as he smiled. I was very happy because the letter for Daddy was a success!





 Art: Students can make an envelope, or you can give them an envelope to address to anyone. They can draw miniature pictures on the envelope, front and back, to make it interesting to the receiver.  Another day, they can write a short letter to the person addressed on the envelope, and actually deliver the envelope to the person.

 Multiple Intelligence: Guide students to discuss why the girl in the story decided to write a letter to her father.  Was love involved? What are the many ways we can demonstrate love to others? What kinds of letters are there?  Why do we send letters? How do people feel when they receive a letter?  Have you ever received a letter or a card? How do you feel?


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