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Basics a professional educator should know

by Elaine Gallagher                    Fundamental people and programs you need to know about IF you want to […]

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Fundamental people and programs you need to know about IF you want to be a «professional educator.»

Know about , and be able to discuss, the research and results from these essential thinkers:


Benjamin Bloom on higher-order thinking skills & problem solving

Tony Buzan on mental mapping and graphic organizers

Jack Canfield on self-esteem

Lee Canter on assertive discipline

CLIL Content and Language Integrated Learning: David Marsh, et al

Virginia Collier on second language acquisition

Barbara Coloroso on discipline

Art Costa on higher-order thinking skills

Common European Framework: International language standards

Jim Cummins on second language acquisition

Carolyn Evertson on classroom management

Thomas Guskey on evaluation

Madeline Hunter on effective teaching practices

David and Roger Johnson & S. Kagan: cooperative learning

Stephen Krashen on second language acquisition

Robert Marzano on effective school practices

Abraham Maslow on self esteem and reaching one’s potential

Maria Montessori  special needs students & preschool

Jean Piaget research on the four stages of child development

Carl Rogers on humanistic psychology and education

Mike Schmoker on school reform and improvement

Lev Vygotsky’s  research on Social Development Theory

Grant Wiggins: learning by design, the BIG & the essential questions

Harry Wong on classroom management & teaching techniques

OTHERS: Add additional people / programs as you hear about them.

Stay current to be a real professional.



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