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Goldilocks and the three bears

  Updated Version by Elaine Gallagher   Once upon a time, a little girl named Goldilocks went for a walk to visit her grandmother.  It was […]

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Updated Version by Elaine Gallagher  

Once upon a time, a little girl named Goldilocks went for a walk to visit her grandmother.  It was a long walk through the forest and through a beautiful clearing with green grass and cozy cottages. Goldilocks loved her Grandmother, and walked to visit her every Saturday. 

On one Saturday, as Goldilocks was walking, it was getting very warm. She was getting tired and hungry because she had awakened early, and didn’t eat breakfast.  Goldilocks wanted to arrive at Grandmother’s home earlier than usual, because she knew Grandmother had a surprise for her.

Halfway to her Grandmother’s house, Goldilocks saw a cute, cozy little cottage, with the door partially open. It was set in a clearing of some large tress. She knew that the Three Bears Family lived in the cottage, so she decided to visit there for a short time to rest, before continuing to her Grandmother’s house.

Goldilocks walked into the house and called out, “Papa Bear…are you here?”  There was no answer, so she shouted, “Mama Bear, Baby Bear, are you here?”  No one answered.

So Goldilocks continued into the house because the door was open.  On the kitchen table were three bowls of porridge. Since Goldilocks was sooooo hungry, she decided to eat just a little of the porridge.  She put a spoon into the Papa Bear’s porridge and tasted it.

“OoooHHH!!  This is too hot!”, exclaimed Goldilocks. 

So she tries the next bowl.  “Oh! This is too cool”, said Goldilocks. 

Then she tried the smallest bowl, the one that belonged to Baby Bear.  “Mmmmm…this is just right”, and she ate all the porridge in the bowl.

Just as she finished eating, the little chair she was sitting on broke.  It was Baby Bear’s chair she was using, because Papa Bear’s chair was too big, and Mama Bear’s chair was too hard. Goldilocks was scared.  “Oh, dear, what can I do?  I broke the chair?”  But she left the chair where it was because she did not know how to fix it.

Then Goldilocks thought to herself, “I need to rest just a few minutes before I continue to my Grandmother’s house.”  She found a bedroom with three beds.  A BIG bed for Papa Bear, a medium bed for Mama Bear, and a little bed, just her size, that belonged to Baby Bear. 

First she sat on Papa Bear’s bed, but decided that it was too hard.  Then she sat on Mama Bear’s bed, but felt it was too soft.  Finally, she rested on Baby Bear’s bed, and said to herself, “This is just right.”  She closed her eyes for a few minutes, and fell asleep.

While she was sleeping, the Three Bears Family came back home.  They had gone out for a few minutes to walk while their porridge was cooling. When they came into the kitchen, Papa Bear gruffly said, “Someone has tried my porridge.”  Mama Bear exclaimed, “And someone had taken a taste of my porridge, too.”  Baby Bear squeaked, “Someone has tried my porridge, too, and they ate it all!!!  And someone sat on my chair and broke it, too», cried little Baby Bear.

Then, the three bears looked into the living room.  No one was there.  They went into the bedroom.  “Someone has been sitting on my bed», said Papa Bear in an angry voice.  “Someone has been on my bed, too,” said Mama Bear, softly.  Baby Bear yelled, “Someone is sleeping in my bed, and here she is, here she is!”

Goldilocks awakened with Baby Bear’s yell, saw the Three Bears Family looking at her angrily.  She was scared!  So she jumped out of bed, and ran all the way to her Grandmother’s house, leaving the Bear Family far behind her.

When Goldilocks arrived at her Grandmother’s house, she told her what had happened. Grandmother scolded Goldilocks, saying,

“You should NEVER go into someone’s house without permission, Goldilocks.  It is unsafe and it shows poor manners.  You will not get your surprise today.  I was going to take you to the movies; but, instead, we will walk back to the Three Bears Family and apologize to them.

Perhaps we can go to the movies next week, but for now, we are going for a walk together so you can tell Papa Bear, Mama Bear, and Baby Bear that you apologize for what you did.  We will take them some cookies that I had baked for you, and a basket of fruit..”

And that’s what Goldilocks and her Grandmother did.  Goldilocks promised herself that she would never be rude again. She had learned her lesson.




Use the letters in the name GOLDILOCKS to create words from the story or that could be connected with the story. 

The first one is done for you.

                G- GIRL


  • Divide a sheet of paper into 4 sections. (Fold it in half, and then in ½ again.)

                               In each section, draw one scene from the story. Then number the scenes from 1-4, in t he order

                                in which they appeared in the story about Goldilocks. 

  • Listen to classical music while you work if your teacher has a CD of relaxing music.



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